2023 College Dux and Year 12 Subject Awards

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College Dux

We are proud to announce Fraser Simms as the College’s 2023 Dux, the student whose outstanding internal and external assessment results resulted in an exceptional ATAR score of 98.8.  

In addition to being the Dux of the College, Fraser is also awarded Subject Prizes as the top student in Literature, Mathematical Methods and Physics. Fraser has accepted a place at the University of Queensland to study Maths and Science, majoring in Computer Science. 

At the completion of his studies, he plans to become a Statistician. We wish Fraser all the best in his post-high school studies. 

Year 12 Subject Awards

Our Year 12 Subject award recipients from the senior class of 2023 were recently applauded for their academic achievement and were welcomed back to the college to receive their award. 

​Subject ​
​Annaliese Byrne
​General Mathematics
​Takoda Thompson
​Takoda Thompson
Mathematical Methods
​Fraser Simms
​Kiara Horsnell
​Specialist Mathematics
​Ella Aird
Ava Borradale and Juliana Kaszas
​​Essential Mathematics
Leah McNamara
​Bridget Bell
Modern History
​Hamish Watson
​​Digital Solutions
​Michael Lesmes
Mia McNeill​
​Sydnie McEwan
​Physical Education
Tahlia Penn
​Essential English
​Myka Leonardo
Fraser Simms
​Film, Television and New Media
​Sydnie McEwan
​Caitlin Gauld
​Kate Stephens
​Study of Religion
​Juliana Kaszas
​Industrial Technology Skills
​Grace Bishop
​Sport and Recreation
Baylee Boyd
​Valentina Melosu
​Visual Art
​Bridget Bell
​Faser Simms, Juliana Kaszas and Hamish Watson​
​Religion and Ethics
​Grace Hattingh, Rani Monro and Takoda Thompson
​Legal Studies
​Annaliese Byrne

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