Curriculum Overview

​Junior ​Curr​​​iculum​​​ 

Junior curriculum at the College is currently organised around Middle Schooling with a number of "transition" elements for Year 10 based around elective units linked to Senior Curriculum

2024 Year 07 Subject Selection Handbook

2024 Year 08 Subject Selection Handbook

2024 Year 09 Subject Selection Handbook

2024 Year 10 Subject Selection Handbook​​

Year​​​ 7 

Students in Years 7 study a combination of core subjects studied across the full year or in twelve-week (trimester) blocks. The College functions on a two-week (60-period) cycle.

Yea​​r 8 and 9

Students in Year 8 and Year 9 are able to select from across a range of electives. Year 8 and 9 students select four semester length electives across the year.

Ye​ar 10

Year 10 has been structured as a 'Transition Phase' between the Middle School and the Senior School with a focus on assessment for learning, placing more emphasis on formative assessment and introducing assessment styles and demands similar to those encountered in the Senior Phase. Year 10 students select four semester length electives, one of which must be a Humanities and Social Science subject.​​

​Senior Curriculum​​

Developing a learning pathway to suit the needs and the ability of each individual is continued in the senior school (Years 10 and 12) at Siena Catholic College.  The College offers academic and vocational pathways, with both offering the opportunity to qualify for a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Students planning to undertake tertiary study are able to plan a course of between five (5) and six (6) Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) subjects from ​those offered at the College.  Students must meet all requirements as outlined by the QCAA to be eligible to receive an ATAR rating, used to determine entry into some Queensland tertiary institutions or to be eligible for a range of other tertiary studies options.

Students who want a vocational focus in senior will find a well-structured vocational pathway at Siena Catholic College.  We access a range of accredited certificate courses in conjunction with local TAFE College or other Registered Training Organisations.  Students who choose to undertake school-based traineeships or apprenticeships within their studies may have a reduced workload to incorporate work-related training as part of their course.

More information regarding the actual subjects studied in a year level can be found in the subject selection handbook. 

Senior Subject Selection Handbook 2024-2025 

At Siena, another focus of the Senior years is post-school pathways - the transition to tertiary education or the workforce; and preparing our students to live in society as responsible, caring and contributing adults.

Students at the College also have the opportunity to engage with Tertiary level courses like the program at the University of the Sunshine Coast through the Headstart P​rogram. ​​