Camps and Retreats

​At Siena Catholic College we believe in the importance of teaching the whole person, utilising a range of learning environments to achieve this. An important aspect of this is the Camp/Retreat experience that each year level is involved in. Our camps are carefully mapped out across the years to maximize the return for what is a large investment of time and energy from the dedicated staff of Siena. 
Following a ‘getting to know yourself and others’ experience in Year 7, students in Year 8 attend an ANZAC themed camp where they get to challenge themselves and their ideas of teamwork. Year 9 students attend an overnight retreat which is split into separate boys’ and girls’ camps which allow for examination of age and gender specific issues. Our Year 10 Wilderness Trek is designed as a ‘Rite of Passage’ experience, while our Year 11 Camp has a leadership focus, especially designed for those who wish to learn more about formal leadership at Siena. Our culminating Year 12 Retreat allows our senior students the time to consider where they have come from and where they are going to.​
Each of the camps is underpinned by the philosophy of building relationship with others and capacity within yourself, enriching the learning opportunities as individuals and as a collective year group.​