Our Student Leaders

At Siena, the opportunity for leadership plays an important role in the holistic development of our students. This takes the form of both formal and informal leadership practices.

Formal Leadership

The Student Representative Council (SRC) forms the basis of our formal student leadership at Siena. Each year level is involved in a process whereby a number of leaders from amongst their cohort are elected and those elected representatives come together to form the SRC.

In Years 7-10, elected representatives are made up of a male and a female from each of the core groups from that year level. (Year 7 representatives are elected in Semester 2 to allow students to get to know each other.).

In Year 11 there are 12 leaders elected from across the c​ohort along with 16 Peer Helpers.  

In Year 12, there are 20 elected leaders, with a ma​le and female School Captain, a male and female Convenor for each of our five Houses, and eight Convenors who represent the Prayer; Study; Community and Service pillars. ​​

Informal Leadership Leadership

All students are called upon to lead in a number of ways throughout their time at Siena. Every Year 12 student receives a badge as Senior Leader at the start of the year and there is a high level of expectation and support to assist them to live out this role.

Students are encouraged to take a leadership role both within class and in the myriad of activities that they can be involved in of a cultural, religious sporting and community nature.  ​​

Year 12 Student Convenors.png