Principal Message

Welcome to Siena Catholic College, where our learners experience a quality education which fosters personal growth, academically, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally, so that all may realise their God-given potential.
What Siena offers is a quality education, depthed in our Catholic Christian tradition, that aims to provide for young people a positive learning experience where they will discover for themselves the frontiers of success. This comes about, fundamentally, by fostering a nurturing and life-giving learning community where all experience a strong sense of belonging and positive wellbeing. Through engagement in study, hard work, with a strong commitment to excellence, we may lead all our Siena students to unleashing their personal potential; being who God meant them to be. Aligning ourselves with the story of the Gospel through prayer and our service to others, we come closer to understanding our place in the world and the contribution we are called to make. 

At Siena, young people experience a safe learning environment and community that believes in them. Ensuring a strong sense of belonging, with high expectations, the wellbeing and engagement of each individual student takes priority. Our expert teachers are committed to working collaboratively with our Siena students, affording them every opportunity, both inside and outside the classroom, to ensure they doing and being their best. 

Since its establishment in 1997, Siena has built an excellent reputation, and is proven to be a ‘school of first choice’, regarded among the best secondary schools on the Sunshine Coast. Siena’s culture is all-embracing, steeped in the Dominican charism, and characterised by the four pillars of Prayer, Study, Community and Service.​

Siena has formed strong Parish and local community links across time. Our claims to excellence and strong commitment to a quality education for young people most certainly will be supported with positive feedback from our valuable stakeholders. 
I invite you to come and meet with us so you can experience first-hand what makes Siena Catholic College so special.

Ms Sharon Collins​
College Principal​


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