Guidance Counsellors

Our Guidance Counsellors provide guidance-counselling services at the College with a focus on physical, emotional and social welfare of students.  They engage in personal counselling, social/emotional support, Student Protection, general student welfare and referral advice. They also provide career counselling, assistance with subject selection, Tertiary preparation and QTAC advice for students and families.

Our Guidance Counsellors work closely with the Pastoral Leaders who often refer students on to them. They also maintain relationships with community support organisations and Health professionals. Students can self-refer or may be referred by parents and teachers. A key component of counselling is the maintenance of confidentiality within the bounds of ensuring the safety of the students.

For more information, please contact

Mrs Kassie Bromley (Guidance Counsellor)
Mrs Sarah Macaul​ay (Guidance Counsellor)
Mr Cameron Millach (Guidance Counsellor)