Co-curricular Activities

​Co-curricular Academics​

​Siena Catholic College offers numerous enrichment and extension opportunities for students. These include:

  • Future Problem Solving​
  • Da Vinci Decathlon​
  • ICAS Competitions
  • Debating
  • Reader's Club
  • Science Club
  • OzCLO - Australian Computatuinal and Linguistics Competition
  • TEDEd Club​

Co-curricular Cultural

​​​The A​​rts​​

Co-Curricular Arts ​activities include music ensembles, a biennial musical, dance ensembles, ​art competitions.  An important feature of our musical productions is that they give our talented “up front and out there” students another opportunity to perform. Equally important however is that they give many students, who wouldn’t normally see themselves in that category, the opportunity to take a risk and put themselves forward and end up producing the most remarkable performances, and for those who don’t play sport, the experience of team. Those backstage are very much included here.


​The Co-Curricular Music program offers a range of tuition options in piano, brass, percussion, strings, guitar and singing.  Lessons are taught by qualified tutors in sessions that can be either after or during school (there is an additional charge for this program).  The college has a number of ensembles including, Choir, Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble and String Ensemble.

'I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but more importantly music; for in the patterns of music and all the arts, are the keys to learning...would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but more importantly music; for in the patterns of music and all the arts, are the keys to learning.’ - PLATO
Students at Siena can participate in a number of school ensembles and in a comprehensive and growing Co-Curricular Music Program. The program is coordinated by school staff and a team of Specialist Teachers. The program is extensive and offers a variety of lesson options that are scheduled during the school day on a rotating timetable to limit any disruption to daily class learning. A limited number of lessons are also available before and after school and at lunch breaks.

​To be involved in the program parents are responsible for the full payment of tuition fees each term in addition to the cost of a musical instrument (if needed) and any additional resources (music books, accessories, CD’s, etc) that may be required.​  Fees are payable quarterly with your school fees account. Where appropriate, students are also expected to be involved in any related ensembles and to attend all rehearsals and performances. There are no additional charges for involvement in ensembles.  Fees start from $340 per term per instrument. ​

​​To enquire further, please email us at​.  

Co-curricular Spo​rt

Siena-Sport-logo.jpgThe Siena Sport program has developed a strong philosophy which is based on: Participation; Preparation; Performance; Premierships.

Sport plays a major role in not only a students physical development but it engenders a sense of team and spirit that can permeate into the classroom, thus improving student learning and school spirit. All students are encouraged to participate in the various activities planned and sports played thoughout the year.

​Our students compete in a wide variety of co-curricular sports (outside of school hours) throughout the year including AFL, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Oztag, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Football, Futsal, Surfing, Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball and Water Polo. 

There are many opportunities for students to represent the College in Interschool competitions as well as gain representative selection at Coastal District (10 - 12 years and 13 - 19 years - Central District), Regional (Sunshine Coast Regional), State and National level. ​​