Our Charism

​At Siena, we strive to ​live by the Four Pillars of Dominican life - Prayer | Study | Community | Service​​​​

The Dominican Order, was founded by Dominic de Guzman (1170 - 1221). Dominic was ordained a priest in 1196 in Castile in Spain, where he lived a communal life under the rule of St. Augustin​e. It was not until 1216, however, that he founded his own Order, one which was devoted to preaching, poverty and a monastic life.​
​​Dominic​ oriented everything he did toward authentically imitating Christ
He knew in his own age, which was wrought with heresy,
that only a well-educated person who lives humbly, charitably,
and uprightly could best transmit the life of Christ to the world. 
Therefore, his placement of prayer first in his life,
his poverty and austerity,
his insistence on study and a thorough education,
his emphasis on community life
and service to others
all have a purpose:
everything that a Dominican does must prepare their soul
for preaching well the truth of Christ.
These four Pillars, when lived, enable us to do the work to which we have been called.
Prayer is how we encounter Jesus in liturgy, in Scripture, in contemplation and in meditation. It is about placing ourselves in the presence of God.
Study gives us a deeper understanding of God. ​Through study, we come to know truth, which should fill every aspect of our lives, guiding us to love of God and love of neighbour.
Community provides us with a place of encouragement and support, where we are truly present to others and where we are united in a common purpose.
Service is how we communicate the truth and love of Jesus to others, through word, action and example.
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Like Dominic, we believe that all members of a Christian community are on a spiritual journey that contributes to the enhancement of God’s Kingdom. Therefore, we strive to be a community that: provides a supportive environment; encourages everyone to reach their potential; and, makes the Gospel message evident in all it does.
The College promotes two complementary dimensions of Religious Education - the classroom teaching of the subject called Religious Education, which aims to develop religious literacy; and the Religious Life of the School, which aims to develop and enhance the faith life of our college community​.
Religious Education is an academic endeavour that informs learners about the Catholic tradition, as well as a variety of other religious beliefs, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander spiritualities. It does this through an integrated study of Sacred Texts, Beliefs, Church and Christian Life.
In parallel with this first dimension, the College also provides opportunities for reflection and action. Students have regular opportunities for both individual and group prayer - with daily prayer and Mindfulness practice; and whole school liturgies for commemorations that include Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, ANZAC Day, Siena Day and Catholic Education Week.
There are also many opportunities for students to engage in Social Action initiatives, which include; Caritas fundraising, Relay for Life and Shave for a Cure, the Vinnies School Sleepout, the Stella Maris Homeless BBQ, and many others. All of these endeavours have at their heart Mary MacKillop’s call to ‘never see a need without doing something about it’.

​Stella ​Maris Parish

Siena is fort​unate to receive significant support and involvement from Stella Maris Parish.  St Catherine's Church which is located on the Siena campus is a parish mass centre with mass on Thursday and Sunday evenings at 5.30pm and is available to both schools for use during school times.​​​