Shadforth and Siena Catholic College Collaboration

At the end of last year students, Christopher Dickens and Xavier Johansen (both now in Year 12) were selected by their Visual Art teacher Mr Nick Robba to paint a beach access mural for Shadforth’s employee breakout area at their Forest Glen work location. The boys did a phenomenal job and Shadforth staff are very grateful for the end result.
Shardforth Marketing Coordinator, Caryn Wyatt recently sent an email on behalf of Shadforth, extending a huge thank you to the College for the amazing work these students and their teacher did. Below is an extract of the letter sent to the College…
Shadforth were eager to provide an opportunity for local students to spread their wings and have them see their own artwork within their local community. After contacting you mid last year, we were excited to hear that two of your students were willing and keen to paint our mural. With no expectations on the students other than to present them with a unique opportunity to expand on their artistic talents, we were in fact the winners because what your students delivered was nothing short of remarkable.
Our Management Team wanted to create a space for our employees to unwind and relax during their lunch breaks. For them to return to their workspace feeling inspired and re-energised. We have received wonderful feedback from our staff that indicates that the space does just that. They thoroughly enjoy sitting out under the umbrellas each day taking in the beach surroundings.
Christopher and Xavier were given a poor-quality photograph of what we were trying to replicate on our Workshop Office wall. This mural was no easy feat. It was a technically challenging concept where they had to use their vision to alter the original design to suit the space. What they delivered was a professional masterpiece!
Both Christopher and Xavier spent countless hours of their own time during school holidays and on the weekends completing this project for us. Their passion for art, commitment to long hours in the sun and their dedication to providing a professional service was a credit not only to themselves, but to Siena Catholic College as well. Both Christopher and Xavier should be extremely proud of what they have produced because Shadforth certainly are!
Congratulations to Christopher and Xavier on an amazing project outcome. 

Student Achievements - Shadforth Mural.png 
Shadforth Workshop Mural - Chris and Xavier.png