Travel Experiences

To broaden student experiences, Siena currently offers three overseas travel opportunities for students, accompanied by staff and parents, each very different in nature. 

Fiji Cultural Immersion Experience

The Fiji Cultural Immersion Experience provides the opportunity for the students to experience life in a less developed country, not as a conventional tourist but from the inside. Time is spent in schools and communities, both urban and rural with two homestays included. Prior to travel, the group fundraises to provide much needed resources for each school that is visited. Open to Year 11 and 12 students, this is a biennial nine day trip during the June/July holiday break.

Fiji-Trip-1.jpg Fiji-Trip-3.jpg Fiji-Trip-2.jpg


Italian Cultural Immersion Experience

The Italian Cultural Immersion Experience, while open to any Year 11 and 12 student, and Year 10 if places permit, this trip is designed to give first hand experience of the Italian language and culture that, given our “Sienese heritage” that is part of Siena’s curriculum. The normal highlights of Italy – Rome, Venice, Milan, are visited but the highlight for students are two homestays, one in Cesena, with whom Siena has a long sister school relationship, and a newly established one in Siena itself. This is a biennial trip leaving prior to the last week of school and returning just before Christmas Day.

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New Zealand Ski Trip

New Zealand ski fields can be more relied on to have good snow in the June/July break and this annual eight day trip to Queenstown provides the opportunity for both novice and experience skiing and snowboarding. Participation does involve other activities such as jet-boating and Queenstown’s famous Skyline Gondola.

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