Our Faith

​​​​At Siena, we believe that all members of the community are on a spiritual journey that contributes to the enhancement of God’s Kingdom on earth.  The College strives to be a community that provides a supportive environment that encourages all to reach their potential and make the Gospel message evident in all they do. 

In parallel with the promotion of religious literacy, the College strives to foster the development of faith.  Students participate in regular prayer opportunities in House Groups, at the start of classes and as part of our regular College Assemblies. A diverse group of students are engaged in the preparation for Masses, both within the College and as part of the Sunday evening Parish Masses.  Additionally, students assist with various celebrations, including liturgies for ANZAC Day, Siena Day and Catholic Education Week. ​The school community also participates in community service activities such as fund-raising for Caritas, Relay for Life, Surfing for the Disabled, Shave for a Cure and others, demonstrating faith-in-action through service to others.

At Siena, the student should achieve:

  • A knowledge and understanding of scripture.  Key Strands include: the Old and New Testaments and Christian Spiritual Writings and Wisdom.
  • A knowledge and understanding of key religious beliefs and practices and the way they assist humans to find meaning in life.  Key Strands include: Trinity, Human Existence and World Religions.
  • A knowledge and understanding of the way God communicates with people, nurturing the community of believers through their participation in prayer and worship.  Key Strands include: Liturgy and Sacraments, People of God and Church History. 
  • A knowledge and understanding of Catholic teaching about our relationship with God, each other and the world, through a recognition of the rights of all people.  Key Strands include: Moral Formation, Mission and Justice and Prayer and Spirituality​. 
Throughout the year a variety of activities, considered a cornerstone of faith education are offered, these include Retreats and the Beautiful Siena Women/Worthy Siena Men Program. ​



A Charism is an expression of a community’s mission and spirit, providing a distinctive character that fills its daily practice with meaning. When using the word Charism, Religious Orders refer to the gifts of the Spirit that inspired their founder, and those with whom they worked, to turn their vision into action.

St Dominic de Guzman (1170 - 1221), the founder of the Dominican Order had a passion to do something to respond to the needs of his time. His passion inspired others to join him and out of this grew a religious community, whose members adopted a lifestyle of poverty and preaching, especially to the poor.

As a Tertiary of the Dominican Order, St Catherine of Siena (1347 - 1380) lived according to the Order’s Charism. It provided her with a way to understand, give voice to and live out her relationship with Jesus Christ. It was the spiritual energy that permeated all that she did and said and it led her to follow Jesus and serve others in a particular way. 

At Siena, where we strive to follow in the footsteps of St Catherine, we too are called to embody a Dominican way of being and of doing; a Charism that allows us, in the here and now, to make a unique and meaningful contribution to our Church and society.

As Dominicans, there are four Pillars of life that, when lived, enable us to do the work to which we have been called.
Prayer is how we encounter Jesus in liturgy, in Scripture, in contemplation and in meditation. It is about placing ourselves in the presence of God.
Study gives us a deeper understanding of God. Through study, we come to know truth, which should fill every aspect of our lives, guiding us to love of God and love of neighbour.
Community provides us with a place of encouragement and support, where we are truly present to others and where we are united in a common purpose.
Service is how we communicate the truth and love of Jesus to others, through word, action and example.

​​Stella ​Maris Parish

Siena is fortunate to receive significant support and involvement from Stella Maris Parish.  St Catherine's Church which is located on the Siena campus is a parish mass centre with mass on Thursday and Sunday evenings at 5.30pm and is available to both schools for use during school times.​​