Enrolment Application

Siena has an enrolment process that is followed when a student is choosing to enrol into the College. The enrolment process starts by completing and submitting an online application form.

Application for Enrolment Online

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at Siena Catholic College. Please find the link below to your child's online application for enrolment.

You will need to click on the link, enter and review the requred details, complete and submit the form.

If applying for enrolment for more than 1 student, when the form is completed an option will be available to submit another enrolment for each additional student.

Please contact us direclty, should you experince any difficulties completing the online application for enrolment.

Click her to access our Online Enrolment Application Form

In addition to the completed online applicaiton for your child, a number of supporting documents will also be needed. Please forward copies of the followng:

  • Birth Certificate and / or Australian Citizenship - (if appropriate)
  • Baptismal Certificates
  • Copy of latest School Report
  • Copy of latest NAPLAN Report
  • And if noted in your applicaiton nd if noted in your applicaiton
    • Legal Documentation
    • Medical Action Plan
    • Student Specialist Assessments

Documentation may be submitted via:

Please note: submission of an application does not guarantee and enrolment place.

Wh​at Happens Next?

​After submitting an Enrolment Applciation, you will recieve an email verifying lodgement of your applciation. Parents will be contacted and if a position becomes available may be invited to attend an enrolment interivew with the Principal.   (refer to the application process). ​​

Privacy Policy

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