Positive Relations

Siena Catholic College strives to build an environment where all members of the school community are safe, secure and respected. In this environment, all individuals have the opportunity to reach their full potential, academically, spiritually and in cultural and sporting pursuits. Our community participates in a number of initiatives, both internally and with other schools, to ensure that bullying behaviours are clearly identified by all stakeholders and are not tolerated by the people at Siena. We are very focussed on the power of the bystander and through such programs as: Worthy Siena Men and Beautiful Siena Women; Physical and Social Development Education; Good Relations Surveys and follow up, we endeavour to shine light on those behaviours which harm all parties involved, and our whole community, if allowed to continue unchecked. 

The ‘Shared Responsibility Process​​​’ at Siena is an approach designed to effectively deal with relational difficulties between student members of our community. It revolves around the principle of the students involved in an altercation/dispute sharing the responsibility to ensure a positive outcome.