Enrolment Timeframes

​Enrolment for a Year 7 Student​​

Our enrolment process begins in Term 4 when the student is in Year 4 and/or 5​.

TERM 4...of the year student is in Year 4 and/or 5 
--> Advertisements are placed in College Newsletter and College Facebook 
--> Advertisements are placed in feeder school newsletters and local parish newsletters


TERM 1..of the year student is in Year 6 

--> Advertisements are placed in local parish newsletters
--> Advertisements are placed in College newsletter
--> Open Day for all prospective families (enrolment information available)​

TERM 2..of the year student is in Year 6 ​
--> Applications processed 
--> Enrolment Interviews conducted
--> Offers made or Non-Acceptances notified
Important Note - the order of receipt of applications has no bearing on the order of acceptances. All applications are considered in line with the College Enrolment Policy.

Enrolment for a Year 8 - 12 Student​

Applications (online) can be made at any time for Years 8 - 12, however, due to the high demand in particular year levels, a waiting list may apply. When a vacancy arises, enrolment offers are based on the interview and the guidelines of the College Enrolment Policy.