Year 9 Retreat

​The Year 9 Retreat is an extension of the Worth Siena Men (WSM) and Beautiful Siena Women (BSW) programs. For students of this age, this is a time of rapid growth physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is important to take the time to reflect on how they are developing and maturing as young adults with a healthy self esteem, an acceptance of difference and a positive outlook on life. The boys travel to the Queensland Conference and Camping Centre (QCCC) Mapelton and the girls spend their time at the Lutheran Heights camp at Coolum on the same dates.

For the boys, a fundamental component to our Worthy Siena Men program at the College is the “Rock and Water” unit. The aim is to assist boys in recognising the unique way that males view the world, to consider all options in difficult or pressure moments and guide them to making the correct choices. Staff at the College facilitate the Rock and Water program while instructors from the QCCC reinforce some of the concepts through activities such as abseiling and high ropes.

For the girls, the Beautiful Siena Women program focuses on body image with the emphasis on appreciating what our bodies can do, rather than making judgements about how it looks.  The aim is for girls to develop the ability to look beyond the superficial role that image plays in first impressions and making judgement of themselves, to recognise the qualities of true beauty. Activities such as the pole jump, raft building and ropes course are used to support the more reflective activities and encourage them to take a deeper look, guiding them a little closer to becoming Beautiful Siena Women.