Year 10 Wilderness Camp

At our Year 10 camp, students are divided into six single sex groups and travel to the Great Sandy National Park – Cooloola. Students are involved in the planning and preparation for their trip. They provide most meals themselves and planning, purchasing and preparing food is part of the camp experience.

The camp experience does not start and finish at Cooloola and this camp should not be seen as a “one off 3 day” event. It is difficult to predict and list the many and varied outcomes from such a camp. They link into many facets of school life including the academic, social and spiritual.

Several academic areas will be drawing on this camp to enhance learning experiences. These areas include English, Science, History, Religious Education and Personal Development.

Socially, students will have the opportunity to develop and enhance relationships with both teachers and students.  Teamwork and cooperation will be essential elements during and while planning for the camp. Spirituality is a focus of the Religious Education program and the camp provides opportunities for students to spend time in a spiritually invigorating environment.