Year 12 Benefit Ball Charity

Last year COVID put a stop to the Siena tradition of the Year 12 cohort combining their formal with supporting a local charity which is more fondly known as the Year 12 Benefit Ball.  This year the Benefit Ball has the green light and Saturday 29 May is firmly placed on the College Calendar.  

The Benefit Ball is not only an opportunity for our students to look their best and have a great time, it also provides them with a chance to embrace the Community and Service component of the Dominican Pillars and raise money for a worthy cause, while celebrating this significant milestone.  

This year, the Year 12s are supporting SalTy Souls Legacy. This local charity supports the youth of the coast and their aim is to help vulnerable kids and teens get out into the water, surf and try to heal through the power of the ocean, both mentally and physically.  SalTy Souls Legacy began in 2018 with a dream to offer vulnerable children a surfboard of their own, sparked by the memory of our SalTy Soul brother, Tyler. Tyler Kennedy had a zest for life and a heart that was bigger and deeper than any ocean. He was the saltiest of souls. He lived to be in the water and his legacy will see struggling young people be given the same opportunity.

If you would like to help the Year 12 cohort with their endeavors to raise funds for SalTy Souls Legacy click on the button below:

Read more about this amazing local Salty Souls Legacy - HOME

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