Student Representative Council Members Elected


One of the groups who acquit themselves so well at Siena are our elected Student Representative Council members. There is always a large group of people willing to put their hands up to offer the service of leadership and a heartfelt thanks who recently offered their time and energy and spoke to their cohort before a voting process which produced the following representatives was extended to all those students.

We wish them all the best for the year ahead as Student Representatives.

8.1 - ​​Ruby and Alex 
8.2 - Emily and Tully
8.3 - Georgia and Will
8.4 - Nicole and Johathan
8.5 - Ruby and Blake
9.1 - Elissa and Hamish
9.2 - Amy and Conner
9.3 - Cameron and Maggie
9.4 - Levi and Ella
9.5 - Noah and Ella​
10REC24 - Kaitlin and Thomas
10RE6 - Geneveve and Dom
10REC26 - Eleanor and Oisin
10RE2 - Seyanah and Luke
10RE22 - Libby and Nicky​​


SRC Year 8.JPGSRC Year 9.JPG 

SRC Year 10.JPG​​