Student Leaders 2018 Announced


​​​​​​​​​In the final week of school for the Year 11 cohort, Student Leaders for 2018 were elected.  This invloved providing the chort with the time and space to elect those students who will provide servant leadership to our College community. Throughout the Leadership Convention and Leadership Camp students were introduced to the principles of leadership in general and specifically the requirements of being a leader at Siena Catholic College. The eloquent and inspiring energy by all was a testament to the character of the young women and men of Siena. 

College Captains - Abby O'Brien ​and Joshua Fuller,

Student Representative Council - Yas​min Fisher, Jaccob Ebsworth, Lachlan Pugsley, Leylani Robinson, Hannah Schmidt, Rachel Hamilton, Shashi Savimaki, Keely Ansell, Seamus Burkett, Indianna Heibloem and Oliver Read

​​House Conveno​​​rs - Chelsea Valderrama, Luke Battle, Erin Mahon, Jake Krogovsky, Meghan Toohey, Francis Jakis, Jess Telijega, Joseph Taylor, Jaelyn Slade, Harry Nuske


​Our Year 10 students who have been elected as Year 11 Student Leaders inlcude:

Jada Cleary, Fancesca Jakis, Samantha Murray, Lauren Ward, Ella Jean Weilenmann, Kaitlan Woods, Lachie Farquhar, Jasper Giaroli, Mitchell John, Frank Kelly, Jonathan Peirson, Flynn Stewart