Smith Family Reading Mentor Program

Siena has participated in the STUDENT2STUDENT READING MENTOR PROGRAM for over a decade now. The five-month program that relies on the long term commitment of volunteers, has just concluded.

The children identified to be recipients of this program are those not achieving minimum standards in reading and those who don’t have the reading support or encouragement at home, particularly if parents have low literacy skills or challenges. 

The program works by matching students who need to improve their reading with peer buddies who help and encourage them with their reading. Peer support is central to the program’s success. Evidence indicates that one of the best ways to support students who have reading difficulties is for the help to come from others near their own age.

Conducted over the phone, student mentors listen to their buddy read twice a week for 30 minutes each time. Mentors are required to keep records of calls and discuss the program with their supervisor.

Thank you to Mrs Kerr, Mrs Epplett, Mrs Rauth and Mrs Weatherill who supervised the mentors.

We had a great 2015 team with individuals who demonstrated initiative, determination, organisation and sensitivity. Some have already requested a spot on the 2016 program; now that is keen! The Smith Family are scaling-up the program, mentors will be using iPads and a newly developed app called ‘chatty-kid’. 


TEAM15 Students

Standing - Hannah Schmidt, Sofia John, Shaun McAnally, Niamh Long, Bridget Kelly, Lara Williams, Lauren Ward, Amy Crouch, Keely Ansell, Will Petcos, Holly Mitchell, Shashi Savimaki, Lockie Gatehouse, Harry Foote, Mia Khoury

Kneeling - Kara McEwan, Kate Davenport, Abby O’Brien, Chloe Cugiari and Sophia Chetcuti,