College Musical "Hairspray" a Huge Success

Our bi-annual musical was performed on Friday and Saturday night with great success and enjoyment.  Congratulations to all students who performed with such confidence on stage and behind the scenes in the College musical. What an amazing production!

The ‘buzz” has been that the quality and professionalism displayed across all areas – singing, dancing, dialogue, music, costumes, hair/makeup, set construction, scene changes - belied the fact that this was “just” a school production.

These truly are team productions with 83 students involved onstage or in the band and another 25 behind the scenes. Such performances obviously rely on the preparedness of many staff and parents to give their time and skills to make them happen. 23 staff and many parents were part of the production team along with community band members with many staff also helping out with front of house and supervision duties. Too many to name here, but the work of the staff thanked by the students after Saturday night’s performance needs further acknowledgement – Natalie Wight, Louise Mills, Lindsey Humphrey, Todd Wynyard, DeLynne Wight, Nick Robba, Kim Cook, Liz Langford, Rachel Lalor and Luke Parneman.


It was simply a magnificent production and as I told the cast and crew, I am proud and felt privileged to have been able to work with them.

Graeme Hight, Principal


I had the best seat in the house for all three performances and enjoyed watching the immense talent that we have at Siena. I would particularly like to thank all members of the orchestra for contributing such awesome music throughout the duration of each of the shows. Great job!

Todd Wynyard, Instrumental Music Coordinator