Musical - 3 Sold Out Shows

High School Musical On Stage - That's a Wrap!

​Audiences had already made their decision about its quality before a board was tread, requiring a third show to be scheduled!  ​Congratulations to the cast, crew and musicians who delivered outstanding performances at all three of the sell-out shows. To have the musical stage-ready involved months of preparation, hard work, determination and lots of fun.  

High School Musical like any performance provides an opportunity to showcase the talents of our young people while asking them to not hide their light under a bushel. This is no simple request at a time when adolescents feel more vulnerable than they ever will in their lives. Principal Dr McCarth;y congratulated all the students for their courage, talents, perseverance and energy. Many of them will never crack the boards again, but they will always remember this opportunity with fondness. 

A special thank was offered to our amazing, talented College staff for their generosity, sheer hard work and for suspending a large portion of your personal lives for this special bi-annual event.