Future Problem Solving (FPS) - E. Paul Torrance Youth Award

Shaun-FPS.JPGQld Director of Future Problem Solving Program Australia, Simon Canfield attended the last College Assembly to present Year 12 student Shaun McAnally with the prestigious E. Paul Torrance Youth Award for Queensland. Shaun has received this award in recognition for his outstanding contribution by a senior student to Future Problem Solving (FPS) across Australia.

Shaun has participated in the FPS program a couple of times and has been a National FPS finalist himself and has given back to the program sharing his skills and experience with younger students as a mentor and coach for the last two years. In this role he has prepared lessons, given feedback on written student work in his team from week to week and encouraged students to achieve to their potential. He has been an amazing role model for these students.

Over the period of the last two years, it was Shaun's goal to create new digital FPS resources and with the assistance of Holly Mitchell, he wrote the FPS Guide for Students, the FPS Companion to the Guide (workbook) as well as a Coaches Guide to FPS. These resources have been very well received by students and coaches.

Earlier this year he undertook to do the National FPS Evaluator Training and is now able to externally evaluate student booklets all over Australia – which he intends to do whilst at university.

It is a well-deserved acknowledgement of Shaun’s incredible dedication and commitment to the FPS program.​​ ​   Shaun-FPS-Presented.JPG