Community Assistance Program

Year 10 students are having a great time participating in a Community Assistance Program, where they provide assistance in service organisations in our local community.  Our program this year involves them providing assistance at either a Primary School (helping students with special needs, lunch-time activities); Aged Care facility (talking, bingo, walking, recording memoirs); Endeavour (wood-working, art and cooking with intellectually challenged adults) or a Charity store (serving customers, goods preparation, store maintenance).

Half of the Year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in these community assistance projects on six occasions during Semester One and the other half in Semester Two.

The aim of the program is to educate our students with positive interactions while practically demonstrating Christian values to others. Students will demonstrate this by assisting people and organisations in the local community. As a result, our students will develop initiative, a broadened life experience and an understanding of lifestyles and perspectives different from their own.‚Äč

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