Year 12 Biology Moreton Island Field Trip

Year 12 Biology students study a unit of Environmental Science at the end of Term 1 through to the beginning of Term 2. A mandatory requirement of this course is for the students to engage in a minimum number of hours of fieldwork. Students fulfil this requirement by attending the Moreton Island field trip and completing the required activities and associated reports. This represents a major portion of the summative assessment for this semester’s work.

The camp was a wonderful opportunity for students to put into practice much of the study they have engaged with so far and to be involved in hands-on environmental assessment techniques in real world situations.

Day 1 was picture perfect day and the beauty of Moreton Island was on display for all to enjoy. The sand taboonnaing down the steep sand dunes provided plenty of smiles not to mention the work out on the legs to get back to the top again. The following days provided showers and rain and the students continued on performing many experiments in some tyring conditions all still done with smiles and excitment. A highlight of the field study was exploring the marine life at the wrecks with snorkelling gear. Most of the students got to view up close and personal the resident wobboygong sharks that reside around the reef.....this got a few hearts beating fast.