Parents and Friends

QLD-PandF-Logo.gifThe objectives of Parents and Friends (P&F) Association in Catholic schools in Queensland is to participate in the optimum spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of students in the school by:

  • Fostering a distinctive Christian environment in the school.
  • Developing maximum co-operation between parents and school staff.
  • Utilising those structures which are established to promote the principles of Christian education
  • Providing a medium for information and participation of parents
  • Identifying services and talents within the school community and making them available to school related spiritual, educational, social and fund-raising activities.

Siena College and Primary P&F are standalone associations.  The structure of the College P&F provides scope for meeting the needs of parents of adolescents where meetings focus on relevant areas such as learning and achievement, mental health, safety and wellbeing. 

P&F Meetings

Meetings are an opportunity for the College to present to parents on strategic matters (annual focus, marketing and promotion), student achievement data, and relevant building and development.  They will also offer periodic opportunities for Parent Q&A forums, whereby families can ask some of their key questions about life at Siena Catholic College​.

The focus of each meeting is established collaboratively between parents elected to executive roles and the College. There will be occasions when both the Primary and College groups will come together to plan events or to discuss issues affecting both schools.
All Parents are most welcome to attend these meetings.

Next meeting:
​19 November  2018
6.30pm - 8.00pm
Siena College Benincasa building

P&F Levy

A P&F Levy is payable by each family ($185 in 2018) to fund projects.  This is a considerable figure but the P&F does not call on families for additional funding activities and is o​nly payable once, even if you have children in both the Primary school and the College.  


Student Subsidies

Students who are selected to represent the Sunshine Coast and/or State/National sport teams (sport teams must be through the Queensland School Sports pathway) are inv​ited to apply for a subsidy from the P&F as the costs of attending such events is high.  Refer to the Siena P&F Financial Assistance Funding Application and Criteria for information and subsidy amounts. 

Siena P&F Financial Assistance Funding Application and Criteria ​Form

Similar subsidies are available to students who participate at similar levels in cultural and academic competitions.


Oval Sponsorship

Businesses are offered the opportunity to advertise through signage on our oval.