School Renewal

BCE-Strategic-Plan-Cover.jpgBrisbane Catholic Education (BCE) has a commitment to continual review and renewal and its processes provide assurance to the broader Church, the local school community of students, parents and care givers, and the broader community including governments regarding the identity and quality of our schools.

BCE prepares a Strategic Plan for five (5) year periods, the current being for 2017 - 2020.

Schools undertake their own Strategic Renewal Processes and from the BCE Strategic Plan formulate their own Broad Strategic Goals for a five (5) year period. Below is the link to our current document.  The 2017 - 2020 is currently in development.

2013 - 2017 Broad Strategic Directions


Using information gathered from Internal School Review processes, BCE and school initiatives or identified needs within the school, a yearly Goals/Action Plan is formulated.  A report on achievements in relation to these Goals/Actions is completed the following year. 

​Internal School Review

Schools also engage in internal Cyclical Review over a five (5) year period. Schools engage staff, students, parents and the local community in review conversation for gathering and using data to inform evidence-based judgements, and for priortising and allocating resources towards improving student learning.

Under each of the four (4) Priorities of the BCE Strategic Renewal Framework, schools review the following components: 


Priority One: Mission and Religious Education

1.1 Religious Identity and Culture

1.2 Evangelisation and Faith Formation

1.3 Prayer and Worship

1.4 Social Action and Justice

1.5 Learning and Teaching of Religion


Priority Two: Learning and Teaching

2.1 Curriculum Design and Implementation

2.2 Responding to the Diverse Needs of Learners

2.3 Pedagogical Practice

2.4 Student Well-Being and Pastoral Care

2.5 Learning and Teaching Improvement


Priority Three: Professional Practice and Collaborative Relationships

3.1 Professional Learning and Development

3.2 Work Culture

3.3 Professional Capacity

3.4 Partnerships and Relationships

3.5 Accountability and Compliance #


Priority Four: Strategic Resourcing

4.1 Stewardship of Resources

4.2 Learning Environments

4.3 Finance and Facilities

4.4 Strategic Information Management

4.5 School Improvement

​# Internal review and validation of components 3.5 and 4.5 provide evidence of compliance with accreditation requirements for reporting to the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board.