​The College forms its vision and mission statements around the words Prayer, Care and Learning.
The College aims to educate the whole person: intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  Within this context the school community strives to promote and uphold Christian values and to foster and applaud the talents and potential of each student.

The Mission Statement takes into account the Brisbane Archdiocesan Vision which challenges Catholics to:
  • embrace the person and vision of Jesus
  • build Communion with God and others
  • engage in Christ's Mission in our world
It is also consistent with the Brisbane Catholic Education's Vision which calls us to Teach, Challenge and Transform.
The Values of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Brisbane
  • Our Christian tradition - journeying, growing, renewing
  • Dignity and Justice for all - recognition of human dignity and equality
  • Catholic Christian community - service of others, a joyful presence
  • High quality learning - zest for life, learning quallity achievement
  • Collaboration and subsidiarity - "shared wisdom"
  • Creativity - flexible and future oriented
  • Stewardship - responsible, accountable, seek truth and the right way
  • A mutual accountability - open communication

Faith Education

Siena Catholic College is a Christ-centred community.  We believe that all members of the community are on a spiritual journey that contributes to the enhancement of God’s Kingdom on earth.  The College strives to be a community that provides a supportive environment that encourages all to reach their potential and make the Gospel message evident in all they do.
The aim of the curriculum in the subjects of Religious Education, Religion and Ethics and Study of Religion is to develop each student’s religious literacy in the light of the Catholic tradition, so that they may participate critically and effectively in the life of their faith communities and wider society.
At Siena, the student should achieve:
  • a knowledge and understanding of scripture
  • a knowledge and understanding of key religious beliefs and practices and the way they assist humans to find meaning in life
  • a knowledge and understanding of the way God communicates with people, nurturing the community of believers through their participation in prayer and worship
  • a knowledge and understanding of Catholic teaching about our relationship with God, each other and the world, through a recognition of the rights of all people.

In parallel with the promotion of religious literacy, the College strives to foster the development of faith. In keeping with our College motto of “Prayer, Care and Learning”, students participate in regular prayer opportunities in House Groups each morning, at the start of classes and as part of our regular College Assemblies. A diverse group of students are engaged in the preparation for masses both within the College and as part of the Sunday evening Parish masses.Additionally, students assist with various celebrations, including liturgies for ANZAC Day, Siena Day and Catholic Education Week.The school community also participates in community service activities such as fund-raising for Caritas, the Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, the 40 Hour Famine, Surfing for the Disabled and others, demonstrating faith-in-action through service to others.

Throughout the year a variety of activities, considered a cornerstone of faith education are offered.  These include Retreats for Years 7,8, 9, 10 and 12 and a Leadership Convention for Year 11s. 

The Guidelines for the Religious Life of the School, published in 2008, are a further source document to help us orient the school towards the faith formation of students.